Ahndylyn for Seattle

Moderate Democrat for a Safer Seattle

A clear choice

This isn't a vote where you have 2 bad options, a too-far-left and a too-far-right.You have a 3rd option, a moderate one, a common-sense one.

I'm 100% Pro-Choice, I'm passionate for the environment. I studied the environment at University and helped with environmental issues as an Intern for Democratic Senator of Hawaii.My opponent has done many good things in his 13 years, and I will continue those, but I'll do these without sacrificing safety, without making Washington unaffordable, and I'll respond to data and science to support policies which are effective and change my mind when policies fail.Endorsed by Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS)

Safety - Priority 1

Safety is what sets me apart from the others. Let's look at their record.

My opponent voted against 2024's Budget Amendment 1104 which would have funded more police. Interesting decision given the above headline. Watch the Amendment 1104 Debate

It's widely believed the Police Pursuit law in 2021 was a failure and a big component of the 2021 spike in crime. I would never have voted for such bad policy. After 434,594 voters including myself signed I-2113 to fix this law, most Democrats looked at the data and realized they made a mistake on this law and undid the damage, except my opponent (see below) leg.wa.gov

Voters are upset, last November in Seattle we rejected this failed way of tackling crime and elected moderate Councilors. We need to do the same with some in our State Legislature.

Crime Impacts us all

My closest 200 neighbors (Our HOA) are reporting a crime every 2 weeks in 2024, it's gotten worse from every month in 2023.My best friends had their car windows smashed multiple times, colleagues punched whilst waiting for the bus, friends stalked.Our politicians say things are getting better, but the huge spike in car insurance costs (Geico points to increasing auto theft) we all pay suggest otherwise.Every retail store theft is paid for by you and I, and we all have to travel further when stores close. I used to go to Walgreens, it closed, then I went to Bartells, which closed. My nearest PetCo also just closed due to theft and graffiti soon appeared after it closed.And increasing lawlessness can be frustrating and unfair, like many neighbors, I was stuck idling, emitting greenhouse gases on I-5 as protestors held us hostage. Blocking people from going to work, hospital, picking up their families isn't acceptable. I support the right to protest, but pick a location where you don't block others' right to move. The victims should be compensated by the criminals for their losses.

Climate Change & Public Transit

Transit can help us achieve our climate goals affordably, I agree with moderate Democrat Mark Mullet for Governor who says we can honor our climate commitments without high gas prices.Step 1 is to finally listen to voters on their Transit needs.Usage has halved (see above). Why is that?

Well for one thing, voters keep telling us they are concerned about safety. I heard this at the View Ridge Community Council in February 2024 and our new moderate Seattle Council member told us how they are no longer following failed policies, but our elected Reps at the state seem to disagree. They tell us crime is low and it's getting better. I would love to live and work wherever they live.I will listen, I want to see public transit safe, and improved so people want to go back to using it, and we will reduce our emissions in the process.And as I said earlier, people who block our highways will be punished, I'm suggesting a $1,000 carbon offset donation or 80 hours community service to offset emissions projects for major disruptions such as blocking roads.

If you want change. Vote for change


Can you volunteer, donate, or just want to get in touch?If you want safety and common-sense Democrats, please tell your friends, family and neighbors about our campaign. I can only win if enough people vote for change.Sign Up for Updates and tell us your Top Issue

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